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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  August 3, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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debate comes to an end president barack obama putting his signature on the new debt bill but there is no immediate boost of confidence instead, stocks around the world tumble while lawmakers leave behind unfinished business going on recess before resolving the faa funding, keeping thousands out of work. >> quite a dramatic site in an egyptian courtroom, mubarak begins his trial in a hospital bed. >> two major breaches in the white house in just two days one involving a homeless man the other a 6-year-old girl. the view from tower cam this morning getting a breeze we do have some rain warnings out there on this wednesday morning, august 3rd, glad you are with us i am steve >> i am alison seymour. >> yeah, felt cooler this
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morning don't know if that was my imagination. >> it will not be as hot today. >> tony perkens. >> actually a little warmer but humidity lower see what a big impact that has. >> yes. >> we have rain showers across portions of the area, hd radar they are getting closer to washington dc itself, starting to move inside the belt way a little spot of heavy rain, we are keeping our eyes on this throughout the course of the day as we continue to see periods of rain we have had some severe thunderstorms -- well, we had a severe thunderstorm warning for areas out to the west of the district for areas brought down big picture satellite radar you can see the movement of the system as it comes through the mid-
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atlantic region. mostly cloudy, with those rain showers popping up here and there. right now 84 degrees regan national, check that humidity, 56% winds out of the west 3 miles per hour. lots of clouds rain showers popping up here and there during the morning and afternoon and evening storms that could pop up could be strong highs mainly upper 80s, 89 washington, 88 leonard town. that is a quick look at the weather more on this mornings rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> got some problems, an accident involving a tree down blocking a portion of the southbound gw parkway we find a crew in sky fox, coming sky bound, leaving the capitol belt way trying to get past the cia headed out towards 13 all traffic being -- 123 all traffic being blocked off diverted at 123, all the traffic is being diverted off
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123 coming northbound lanes are open, no problems to report on the northbound side tree down some traffic being diverted off at 123 now traffic is slowly moving as you continue inbound from the capitol belt way back inside and update the ride here northbound i-95 as you work across, leaving the prince william parkway. no incidents to report approaching the scene and to delay as you get closer, you will be tapping the breaks and springfield interchange. they are doing a change in traffic patterns but all lanes are maintained. afternoon shire avenue towards georgia that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. debt deal may be done but not much relief this morning. >> markets are down recovery still has a very long way to go doug luzader has more from
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capitol hill. both sides here in washington say the debt deal puts the u.s. on better financial footing. >> ayes are 74. >> not much fanfare as the senate signed off on the debt ceiling compromise the president wouldn't even let reporters in the room when he signed it into law a white house photographer snapped this picture. >> this guarantees more than $2 trillion in deficit reduction an important first step ensuring the nation lives within its means. >> a very small step we will still over spend by 40% each and every day. those credit rating agencies that demanded a debt ceiling deal may not be all that impressed. >> serious, moody's put the u.s. on a negative outlook usually that means there is a one in three chance of a down grade. >> wall street had a terrible day the dow fell 266 points overseas markets had a rough
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overnight too. >> people believe the recession in u.s. and europe will drag down the economy including in china and china is showing signs of slow down. >> some market watchers think congress and the white house need to do more to change their over spending ways congress decided to leave much of that work to a new special committee made up of six democrats and six republicans that fight has not even started yet. >> that is where we will see another round of this continuing debate tax hikes versus spending cuts in washington doug luzader fox news. >> investors around the globe looking mast the debt deal focusing -- looking past the debt deal focusing on the dow plummeting. the nasdaq lost 75 points and sell off continued overnight in asia markets were down across the board in japan
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nikkei down more than 200 points. still no resolution to the federal aviation administrations partial shut down. >> senate found to reauthorize the funding bill before the summer recess that will likely cost the government up to $1 billion. sherry lee joins us from regan national. >> steve and alison the longer this drags on the more money it will cost the government, and with congress headed home for a month long recess the stale mate isn't going to end any time soon the senate and house recessed without agreeing to a deal on the faa funding bill as a result more than 200 airport construction projects have been halted 4,000 workers laid off the big sticking points are unions and subsidies for rural airline service republicans want to make it harder for airport workers to unitize and cut subsidies before congress ployees to go back to their job. >> democrats accuse republicans
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withholding them hostage so they would cave on the labor issue the white house said it would veto the bill thousands of other airport workers could lose their jobs depending how much longer this goes on air traffic controllers however do remain on the job and airports continue to operate as usual now during this partial shut down the government can't collect that ticket tax but instead of passengers pocketing that money most airlines are pocketing it and raising fares. back to you. >> all right thank you so much. >> meantime a homeless man taken into custody after causing tense moments at the white house secret service say he jumped the fence agents tackled the man and then a bomb detecting robot was brought in to examine his backpack make sure there was nothing dangerous inside the suspect is facing charges of unlawful entry and content of court it is believed president obama was in the white house at the the time, he was safe this is the
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second time the fence with you breached last few days sunday a little girl, 6 years old slipped through the secret service escorted her out to her parents. making headlines former egyptian president, mubarak's corruption trial is on live television, it is the first time he has been seen since february 10th when he defiantly refused to resign he is in bad health and had to be wheeled in on a hospital bed there was chaos outside as supporters of mubarak threw rocks and bottles at crowds of opponents. >> crackdown remains on protestors in syrian. army troops and tanks killed some 100 protestors. in new york at the un they are working on a resolution condemning the violence. traffic accidents on the belt way claims two lives the
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wreck brought traffic in prince georges county to a grinding halt in the middle of the morning rush yesterday police are trying to figure out what caused it six cars were involved in this one one driver was taken into custody suspected of driving under the influence no arrest was made he was released candace hue wit a writer, producer for the pentagon channel was on her way to work when she was killed the other gentleman was 31-year- olds old and lived in oxen hill. >> dc police are investigating a stabbing they found a man 5800 block 8th street this morning he died at the scene they are still gathering evidence no word on a motive or the identity of this man. >> fairfax county serial flasher could have six victim as 21-year-old woman came forward she said she had her leggings cut by the suspect shopping at a tj max in fairfield town center a couple months ago the first attack
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happened in february, the suspect is described as a stocky hispanic in his late 20s. 5'6". >> prince georges county police department banned officers from working security at house parties after a drowning over the weekend. a 22-year-old died early sunday morning five officers were working the party when emergency responders arrived before 2:00 a.m. officers were not told of any problems rescue crews looked in the pool area, saw no signs of trouble the victim was found two hours later. it was held at a mansion party organizers hat rented the proper -- had rented the property for the night. a one on one with the new safety, oj we will catch up with him next. >> colorful sight in new york city a peacock hanging out on
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this boat? no, on a fifth avenue apartment window sill since yesterday you know we will tease you and show you the picture later. >> there you go. >> no, we are not. >> the story straight ahead. >> trying to be clever, i should have just waited. a live lookout side as you look into the romantics on this wednesday morning the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie coming up next [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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an update on the tropics, tropical storm emily headed
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toward espanole. the storm glanced puerto rico yesterday. rain is expected to reach the dominican republic and haiti around midday expected to get worse late afternoon folks in high risk areas have been evacuated and still trying to track it to see how it will go. >> it might hit land. tony with more. >> the projected path -- now there are numerous projected paths but you know, it seems like it is going to move to the north, northwest which would bring it close to the u.s. coast, so the east coast of the u.s. but there are indications by next month it could be off the coast of north carolina. bares watching. as a hurricane, a minimal strength hurricane we will see. these things have to be watched. >> a little rain in the area. >> a little heavier this morning, for some of our viewers where are we? this camera. >> this is where we just speak
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amongst ourselves cameras are of no concern. >> radar image no heavy rain and i am not seeing any thunder or lightning on our hd radar but we will keep watching it these things pop up and diminish and pop up and diminish a big picture satellite radar pretty good amount of moisture off to the north and west and moving through -- beginning to move through the mid-atlantic coming in from the north and west, western maryland got it first, portions of west virginia, and now through our region, we will keep our eyes on it a couple light sprinkles reported here in the washington area current temperature remains 84 degrees quantico 79, salisbury maryland, 73 degrees. five day forecast hey, we've got a bonus map here, in pittsburgh it is 73, new york
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city much cooler there, 73 degrees in richmond 80. all right a look at the five day forecast high today 89 degrees the last time we had a high temperature in the 80s as ' posed to 90s over 100 july 17th. >> wow. >> yeah. welcome that. again chance of showers and thunderstorms through the day some of them could be strong tomorrow and friday look great, saturday and sunday low 90s chance of scattered showers both days. >> thank you. >> let's check with julie and get a look at traffic good morning. >> hey, good morning guys, better news southbound george washington parkway reopened a tree down partially blocking the ramp eastbound 50, arlington boulevard head southbound gw parkway that is causing an early merge. fox 5 is monitoring metro rail and you will find an additional delay on metro's red line in the direction of shady grove we had problems at the station that has been resolved but that will tie up your commute outer
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loop of the belt way leaving new hampshire avenue, all lanes open that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. red skins will be back out on the practice field once again. >> there are a whole lot of new faces vying for a spot on the roster this season. dave ross talks with a new safety in town live at red skins park dave good morning. >> good morning. yeah, a lot of changes out here red skins park get a loster you will need it when you come out to practice which is open to the public at 8:30 a.m. last year, year one didn't go well so he is reading out some guys he didn't want and bringing in players he does one guy he had on the radar oj atogwe. i caught up with him to talk about his name change and the reason he wanted to come to dc. >> why did you want to come here? >> well, i just wanted to be part of a great organization,
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that had a lot of tradition and history, a winning organization and along with that, they have a great group of guys, great group of core guys, high in characters, work hard i just believe this is where god wanted me to come and continue to do his work and serve his team helping them win. >> you are playing alongside landry would like to get your impressions, he has been a heat seeking missile. >> i haven't had the opportunity to line up with him yet but he is a great kid one thing he really loves the game of football enjoys playing he really wants to be great at it whenever you get someone with a passion that strong you just want to help nurture it and direct it in the right direction, just so they can really -- i mean utilize the performance of their talent i am excited to play with him >> i know you probably don't grade it and say we want to be
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the best safety tandem in the league but do you look at it we have the potential to be that good. >> yeah, we definitely do now it is cultivating and putting in the work, the preparation to like i said, capitalize on that potential and really meet it to its fullest. >> you played two years in st. louis now reunited with him here is that one of the reasons you wanted to come here as well. >> it was being familiar with coach has and his style of defense, that familiarity allowed me to feel more comfortable coming to washington just because i know him, i trust him we had a great working relationship in st. louis, and it was a good relationship for both of us why not continue it along with the other factors of this being a great place to be. >> you signed your contract before the lock out which has you practice while other guys had to watch luck of the draw or did you plan to get a deal
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done quickly. >> the timing was right we struck while the iron was hot and the deal worked out for both parties and allowed me to get in here early >> i can't do it i will butcher your name >> i will help you. >> what is it? >> oshiomogho. >> oshiomogho atogwe the origin of that name >> nigerian means god owns the day. >> how cool a name is that. >> very cool. >> i love my mom dave is a good name but it is not as good as that. >> but it is biblical, chosen son. >> any nicknames besides oj. >> my family calls me shum and my wife calls me bub. >> how do you like that any of your teammates get away with calling you bub? >> no, that is just for her. >> thank you. oshiomogho atogwe. see i nailed it when i can hear it again. very classy guy smart guy went the stanford a valuable asset
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to this red skins defense. dave versus dave next hour, chris coolly takes center stage as we try to learn how to make a pot, chris coolly does pottery he is talented as you will find out next hour. >> thank you looking forward to that coming up love oj atogwe. 7:22 a.m., she has been spotted now the first pictures to surface of casey anthony since she was acquitted of murder and released from jail a few weeks back we will talk about her picture coming up after the break and find out where she is hiding out per happen it is ohio state buckeye hat is a clue. >> harvesting honey, holly is live at our house where she is finding out about bee keeping we will check in with her when fox 5 morning news continues. remind you of something special we are doing now on our website save money get some great deals, log on to
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>> making headlines casey an know any spending time in ohio. tmz posting these photos online they report anthony has several relatives who live in ohio it is unclear whether she spent any time with them more on this ahead in the 9:00 a.m. hour when we head to l.a. we will check with tmz. >> massive drug stash on the shores of florida some $180 million worth of cocaine inside a submarine it is designed to avoid detection by sinking itself at sea it took the coast guard three days to unload
7:27 am
15,000 pounds of cocaine. >> it is 7:27 a.m., on this wednesday morning it is a done deal president barack obama planting his signature on the debt limit bill avoiding default coming up next jim and peter will join us live in studio to discuss what happens now. >> as we head to break, a live lookout side once again from tower cam, with the latest weather and traffic with tony and julie, tony loves the springsteen doesn't love the rain so much both may be coming up
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the central park zoo peacock may be still on the loose in new york city it's caped yesterday and spent hours -- escaped yesterday and spent hours on a window sill. early this morning it flew off the ledge we don't know what happened to it after it came down we are still trying to get information there. captivating the entire nation at this point. central park zoo peacock. we will let you mow as soon as we find out. beautiful creature. >> gorgeous. >> indeed maybe just wanted to
7:31 am
show everybody how gorgeous, remind them. >> a good ad for the -- >> great marketing campaign release a few animals. >> make sure they are the right ones. let's look at hd radar one of those active days things pop up and tucker and i have been watching just during the last couple moments literally the last 10 minutes this activity in annapolis, 15 minutes ago we looked at this map everything to the west and nothing going on to the east right now in annapolis it is getting closer area of heavy rain, let 's see, riva we are seeing this activity pushed off to the east, annapolis for you, hearwood areas seeing heavy rain no lightning with this but this is the kind of activity we are monitoring all morning long areas of heavy rain and some thunderstorm activity are popping up another little batch up in baltimore around the
7:32 am
inner harbour area a little bit there but we will see if that grows in intensity across the washington area that is what we are looking at elsewhere. >> let's look at the satellite radar, clouds everywhere, plenty of clouds today, one big difference between today and the previous several days also, there is your activity, that one spot of red up near baltimore more activity across ohio pennsylvania, periods of rain showers thunderstorms some thunderstorms could be strong regan national temperature of 84 degrees, relative humidity, 58% winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. your forecast for today, looks like this, mostly cloudy showers and thunderstorms likely a little cooler 89 for your high instead of a high 90s little milder, we will see early evening storms and thunderstorms clearing out overnight mild temperatures 73 your overnight low in town some of you will drop off into the
7:33 am
60s and then here is your five day forecast, thursday and friday, look to be very fine, saturday and sunday we are going to put in the chance of a shower or thunderstorm, we now have an update that peacock is back at the zoo did he go on his own? do we know? peacock back at the zoo in central park there you go. >> julie, let's line up what is happening with you and traffic. >> all is right in the world. >> all is right in the world. >> except here there is still one monkey running around loose [ laughter ] >> all right here we go. all that wet stuff is moving in from the west, getting closer to us thanks steve for hitting me up on twitter yeah, we got wet pavement tyson's area travelling on the gw parkway tree down 123 that is cleared from the gw parkway belt way to 123, 10 minute drive, a lot of you bailed out using that as the alternative, right now you
7:34 am
are looking at a 20 minute trip. tree debris blocking the road travelling on 395, out to the 14th street bridge a 20 minute commute lanes are open we will continue with cameras travelling inbound on the toll road the wet pavement is here headed past springfield headed in toward the capitol belt way all lanes open the outer loop, 95 to georgia, kennel worth avenue, eastern, checking for a stalled car in the roadway don't see anything at this camera angle but will keep an eye open for you. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you after weeks of debate on the hill the debt deal is a done deal the president signed the bill into law yesterday so what is next? joining us now, peter good morning to you and republican political strategist, jim good morning. >> i love the name. >> yeah. >> great doesn't it? >> it just shows these
7:35 am
bipartisan love that we enjoy wednesday mornings with the two of you. >> i am going to start yelling at you more often. >> that's right. >> let me start with you, the debt deal is now done, what do you think? where are we? >> same place we were before we started nowhere. you know, the economy word is it is still in bad shape the dow went down 266 points, the only thing that is good is the pressure valve has been released now, and we've just sort of to steal the president's term kicked the can down the road toward thanksgiving and drama will begin in october. >> thanksgiving and christmas. >> that's right. >> then we will talk about elections next year it was business as usual. they just did what most politicians usually do, avoid doing the tough decisions and passed on the buck to another day. so we will see. hey, look the ratings will go
7:36 am
up for you guys peter and i will have work to do and it is all a good thing. >> it is not. >> jim and i were talking about it yesterday, the pew poll had an open ended question about what do you thing about washington -- folks in washington over 70% of folks gave seriously negative comments this is not exactly improved people's impression of what goes on in this city and i am kind of reminded when i was a kid i loved mad magazine, and there was alfred remember. >> sure i graduated from the college of wet me worry. >> boy, yeah. >> the one where the guy has buy this magazine or i am going to shoot myself. i mean that is basically what this group is. >> the lesser of two evils in the end is what it felt like. >> that's right. i mean, the deal -- i agree the
7:37 am
deal gets done but at what cost and at what end you know there is a couple points i would make number one if this is the way we are going in the future every time we have a debt increase vote we will have this gun to the head stuff big problem second thing is, it did not instill confidence in the international market certainly not as jim says in the markets here what we need to do now to get this economy going, is have a sense washington is really indeed working to solve the problem and i don't thing we got that far with it. >> well, i think what you always say to people, they don't want to see how the sauce is made they just want to eat the final product that is true to some extent we spent a lot of time focusing on the process we didn't spend a lot of time focusing on the solutions, i mean really the only solution that came out of this was we didn't raise any taxes like the president had wanted to, but that doesn't necessarily mean they won't try again and again and again. so you know to some extent, the
7:38 am
end of this day we really haven't -- all we have done is stop people from spending more money and maybe perhaps stopped the bleeding but we don't know what we are going to do in future to continue this. one thing i can tell you, peter tacked about the pew poll there is anger out there with the voters they are very angry with what they are watching. >> people felt -- >> personal there was nasty these guys couldn't get together and then of course as usual 11th hour they do. the sad thing about this, and i will disagree with jim i think you have got to have a balanced approach revenues on the table this is out of control now and you know the sad thing is, that it seems they were close that there was the gang of six came out with a plan which included revenues and cuts it was a big plan, it wasn't a patch work deal the president and speaker boehner at least at one point seemed close the problem is, the guy is putting a gun to the
7:39 am
head, in a sense the tea party guys jim these were guys that came in and they would have been fine with going over the cliff, without raising the debt -- >> what happened that that bus didn't go in that direction if you will the tea party at the end of the day when the congress was coming in we spoke with at least one tea party caucus member he was like i am not voting with this. in the end it passed what happened? did boehner get to that block to say this has to be done >> i think the tea party was a good thing in some ways because the speaker realized the voters are angry the speaker knows this there is an anger we raised more money to spend more money that is all we have done that is not a good thing rate now the markets you know the bond markets said we had to do two things we had to cut the size of the government, reduce
7:40 am
spending, and we did none of those things with that bill. >> and revenue -- >> that's right peter if you want a balanced approach then we got a balanced approach your guys -- you guys get more money to spend >> i know but jim,. >> in trouble stupid. >> you agree with this, but what is the best way to reduce the deficit and to move -- you need an economy that is growing you need focus on working and paying taxes. >> that's right. >> ideological straight jacket. faa shut down now it is a joke. you know there is a concern about subsidizing rural airports i get that, that is $14 million by shutting this now in the next month it will cost in taxes. >> a billion dollars. >> i know. >> they are fighting over 14 million it is costing us a billion. my problem is i don't disagree we have them on the left they have to get out of that
7:41 am
ideological straight jacket. >> nice moment wanted to get to it but didn't get to it when representative giffords came back to cast her vote. >> at that didn't last long because the rhetoric just went to the roof when they called the republicans a bunch of terrorists. >> i apologize. >> apology accepted. >> over the you. >> thanks guys on this wednesday morning the deal might have been made several issues had to take a back seat what were they coming up next hour, roll call steven dennis will be with us to talk about the unfinished business left for congress to deal with. back after this, fox 5 morning news rolls on this wednesday morning 
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7:44 a.m. your view from wisconsin avenue we have not seen the rain drops here in the city to the west you have seen them some places throughout the morning we are going to see a few more throughout the day. good news humidity level is down so far this morning. might not feel as warm as it has been the last couple days. at least a little more
7:45 am
comfortable. >> all right. >> game changer the humidity. >> yes, it is. hd radar what is happening out there as we do have rain showers popping up here and there some of those areas of rain we have seen heavy rain and thunderstorm activity, this is hd radar look around annapolis, imtowards baltimore where the latest development has been and some of this rain is heavy, maybe some embedded thunderstorms have not seen lightning yet. that is where activity is now, this extends up into baltimore this is the new development off the west of the district this is where we see rain continuing to fall lees burg you are getting it up, 66 a patch of heavy rain there as well. >> let's look at the tropics, tropic storm emily not the most organized tropical storm but still none the less maximum sustained winds, 50 miles an hour i do want to mention there is a tropical storm warning in effect for puerto rico even
7:46 am
though it is moving away, dominican republic, haiti, southeast bahamas and turks and caicos islands the path can take it pretty much any where those are called spaghetti models but bears watching it could impact the eastern u.s. high today 89 degrees some showers and thunderstorms popping up through the day, and tomorrow and friday, great days, with highs around 90 degrees and lots of sunshine. more weather coming up in a little bit. thanks let's check with julie hi julie. >> hi it is getting busy rain moving into the area causing problems now we do have trouble along northbound i-95, for you guys headed out to 32. impacting 9 different vehicles, according to callers, pulled over to the left side of the highway two left lanes blocked north side 32 delays building
7:47 am
from 216 on the northbound side of the highway, earlier this morning problems with trees down, that activity cleared southbound gw parkway headed out 123 a 10 minute commute for those on the collar are barton parkway -- clara barton parkway 22 minute trip right now with all of your lanes open, eastbound 66, coming out of monassis. definitely below speed here slow traffic at the belt way the belt way inner loop, bradock road, new hampshire over to georgia avenue tied up. not all -- most of us know it is shark week what if there was a celebrity edition. >> djs of dish nation are sounding off which celebrities
7:48 am
they would choose for bait. >> shark week. >> celebrity shark week coming next. >> what celebrity would you like to see attacked by a shark. charlie sheen, nay nay, snooki star jones. >> catch dish nation here on fox 5. >> a place where orphan teenage boys can go to learn necessary life skills. >> holly is live at our house she is learning the art of bee keeping good morning. >> good morning the first rule is to dress like there has been an outbreak of something. this is a whole lot of fun though, i am willing to go in because where i am live at this morning supports an amazing cause we are at our house in brookville maryland and they are making a difference in young men's lives we will go in for the honey you guys ready? you are looking good i don't
7:49 am
think we will even catch a cold look at us and find out about the important mission here live on fox a morning news stay with us. you promise me they are friendly bees. >> oh, yeah 
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7:51 am
7:52 am
the program our house teaches carpentry skill, work force readiness and ged to at risk youth. >> holly morris is learning more about an additional and super interesting skill they teach good morning. >> reporter: hazardous waste removal, who knew. no, that is what it looks like though but you would need a much different suit we are learning about the business of bee keeping here this morning we are going to harvest some honey with the help of ed our bee keeper good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me about this process. >> well, first thing, eric,
7:53 am
nick will be here in a moment they are going to put some honey robber a smell that is harmless to the honey, but the bees don't like it and it will drive them down to the bottom to have hive. >> can you tell me a little bit about the hivethe set up? >> okay well, we have seven hives some of them have some honey in it as we open this up, want to open that up,. >> we are safe, right? >> there we are. >> we are safe but you can see there is lots of bees there gentle and real slow and things hopefully won't get too exciting. >> how many times you been stung ed? >> three or four. >> don't tell me i don't want to know. all right we are robbing the hive of the honey i see. >> yeah. >> so how many bees are in each hive? >> well, there could be i think around 15,000, i would guess there might be 25 to 30. >> really. >> and then maybe this is a silly question but this is one queen in there? >> there is a queen there.
7:54 am
yep. one queen. >> she is living large somewhere down there. >> that will drive the bees down and over here we put some honey robber on. >> mm-hmm. >> this is what the process -- so how long would it normally sit there before you come and do this? >> usually 20, 30 minutes. yeah. >> okay and so what goes on now? >> well, see the bees have been driven down to the bottom. >> there they are i got it. >> right now you can take that off eric. and i think -- >> wow you can smell the sweetness of the honey. >> that is the sweetness of the honey robber. >> silly me. smells good to me. >> nick bring over a tool to pull some frames out. >> as they pull the frames out i want to bring in someone else all dressed up and ready to do a little bee keeping richard better known as ben any. >> good morning. >> he is executive director of our house the first question
7:55 am
why the beehives here? >> it is all part of teaching the guys new trade, teaching them what life is about, showing them the wonders of how bees produce and what they do for honey. >> tell me a little bit more just about the mission in general here how long you been here how this place came to be and the difference this makes in young men's lives. >> okay our house is 18 years old we have been on this farm for 140-acre farm about 8 years, and these young men come from all over the dc area, and they stay approximately a years time some a little less some longer during the daytime, they learn construction carpentry trades, at night time is when we have their high school classes. we just do this as another educational opportunity, to teach some of the guys, a whole new different thing. >> mm-hmm and you were able to purchase this property or do some of it because of oprah? did i read that? >> yes, i did. >> can you bring that over here
7:56 am
so we can see that coming out sorry go ahead answer that question ben any. >> yes, we were on the oprah winfrey show in 2000 she kindly helped us purchase this form and got paul newman to kick in as well. >> what are we going to do? >> we are going to spin these in a kind of center final up, to the lecture room first we will put them in the wheel bare row and france port them about half way then each frame will be transported we will sweep the bees off and transport them to the place where we spin them and get it into bottles. >> it is a coming up our next hour our website we have a link to our house. we will continue to see what the buzz is out here in our next hour. >> smell the sweetness. >> yes. >> coming up 8:00 a.m. almost that time again we are not talking about time of day
7:57 am
but year school around the corner that means back to school shopping time. >> coming up we will talk with fox consumer expert on how moms and dads can save on supplywhere to find some free classroom essentials 3 minutes before 8, 7:57 a.m.
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7:59 am
8:00 am
despite the president's signing of a new debt ceiling law the longest losing streak on wall street in three years. >> plus a lesson on saving money back the school shopping find out how to get a free xbox this school year. >> must watch television, fantastic episode in the dave versus dave series today getting down and dirty w a pottery lesson from red skins tight end chris coolly quite the accompliced artist. also learn how dave and dave match up good morning thanks for being with us. it is not pretty. >> i am alison seymour we are
8:01 am
getting word montgomery county district courthouse closed today due to plumbing problems. >> all right. >> let you know if we hear anything else appears to be closed throughout most of the day if not the entire day mr. perkens weather. >> dicey in some places, mixed bag temperatures 80s in the district so it is warm, lower humidity and thunderstorms and rain showers popping up here and there let's look at hd radar where the activity is right now, and it is to the east and west, not so much right here, but also the east now across the chesapeake bay that is where the heaviest activity is, it was in annapolis, severna park still seeing it, across the washington area, not much happening no rain showers, thunderstorms, rain showers out there continue to watch these as they pop up and move through during the morning hours can't rule out a couple more thunderstorms later today more
8:02 am
of the same. we go to the graphics show you the big satellite radar picture you can see pretty impressive system with some -- a lot of moisture, thunderstorm activity heavy rain in portions of indiana, pushing into ohio now, so you have to have some watches and wornings associated with that. 84 degrees current temperature washington 78 baltimore, 74 dulles fredericks burg 79 degrees mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms likely a little bit cooler look for a high of 89 degrees as opposed to a high in the 90s or 100 degrees that will feel better coupled with the lower humidity take the umbrella with you. >> thank you. >> let's check with julie the latest on the roads. >> a lot going on now we are told, some kind of debris causing problems for those travelling north i-95 approaching 32 two left lanes blocked off at the scene and
8:03 am
twelve vehicles involved in whatever is going here twelve vehicles involved two left lanes are blocked lanes building from 216, bw parkway northbound a better ride for you at this time travelling southbound the incident here 410 tieing up the left side of the roadway delays back at green belt road delays on the inner loop leaving an non-dale, 66 and 123 tyson a 20 minute ride with all your lanes open no incidents to report outer loop of the belt way, it has been cleared lanes from 95 college park headed west that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> debt drama may have been resolved, the dow dropped for the 8th day down 266 points, asian stocks followed also falling sharply overnight economists are keeping their eyes on the country's credit rating the wrap up now. >> reporter: stocks are slumping even as president
8:04 am
barack obama signs into law a bill that raises the nations debt ceiling. it cut it is budget deficit by at least 2 .1 trillion dollars over the next decade. now the debt dilemma is resolved but the worry persists. >> we are still going to borrow for the entire ten year period,. >> economists are not fretting over a default but attention turns to the triple-a credit rating. >> credit markets will lose patients at some point they will look at the u.s. fiscal trajectory and say they are not going to fix the problem. >> they are watching the rating agencies. >> the debt ceiling doesn't solve that issue it has to do with the strength of our balance. >> wall street is hitting its longest losing streak since october 2008 down 6.7% during the skid which began on july 22nd, markets are focused on weak growth plaguing the u.s. economy many americans are frustrated. >> i am mad and i am just
8:05 am
extremely disappointed, at the state of our government. >> right now i think we are going to start paying for it not in money but in well, yeah in hardship. >> two agencies moody's and fetch have said they will maintain the country's triple-a rating but the most influential standard and fours is reserving judgment they said there is a 50/50 chance it could down grade the u.s. in new york, answerly ear hart fox news. >> partial shut down of faa will carry to september congress is on summer recess sherry lee has more on the partisan stale mate good morning. >> good morning alison this is just another example of the divided political climate here in washington first it was a debt deal now the faas funding in the middle of all this in the process the government is
8:06 am
likely to lose a billion dollars while congress went on recess without dealing with this. congress left on a month long break failing to agree on a funding bill for the faa since the partial shut down began last month the faa issued stop work orders on 200 airport construction reports, a plea from the president to stay in town and work out a deal for thefaa failed when people can't afford to be out of work. >> we talk 4,000 furloughed employees a thousand of which are in the metro dc area we don't mention the 70 to 90,000 construction workers sent home without pay as a result of stop orders faa put on 219 projects that were ongoing through the summer period. >> the big sticking point in all this are subsidies for rural airline service, and
8:07 am
labor issues, republicans want to make it harder for airport workers to unionize and they also would like to cut those subsidies for rural airport services, that amounts to about $200 million in cuts, that is how much the faa funding bill without it has cost the government, so far. >> that is the latest here at regan national back to you. >> sherry lee thank you. 7 minutes after the hour time for a look at other top stories a scare at the white house when a homeless man jumped a fence last night secret service responded quickly tackling the man a bomb detecting robot was brought in to make sure there was nothing dangerous inside the backpack he was carrying the suspect facing charges of unlawful entry and contempt of court for violating an order to stay away. new this morning, a man stabbed to death in northwestwashington this happened just before 3, 5300 block 8th street no word who the victim is norsuspects
8:08 am
police might be looking for. >> another victim of the fairfax serial slasher coming forward a 21-year-old woman had her leggingings cut by the suspect in tj max fairfax town center a couple months ago. the suspect is a stocky hispanic man late 20s. 5'6" inches tall. three weeks after being acquitted of murder casey anthony spending some time in ohio. >> tmz posting these photos online she was spotted during a midday shopping trip the website reports she has several relatives who live in the state it was unclear if she spent any time with them. we head to l.a. to check with tmz. yesterday we told you about that special delivery made on new york avenue, today, we have video of the baby born in a car, on a road stuck in traffic. we will have that for you when
8:09 am
we come back. >> today's dave versus dave, ross and fieldman get pottery lessons from red skins tight end chris coolly how did they do? you will have to see for yourself. fox 5 morning news will be right back 8:09 a.m.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
yesterday around this time look at that baby we told you about the baby born on new york avenue today we have video of her jane shapell was born yesterday her grandfather was driving her mom to washington hospital center, when they got caught up in traffic she made her arrival in the car baby and mom are doing just fine. can i say something real quick? you know everybody thinks their baby is beautiful you see newborns you are just kind of like okay that baby is what a blessing that baby is. that baby is beautiful. >> believe it or not just perfectly healthy this morning. >> body just takes over.
8:13 am
>> born unassisted in the car maizing. >> great story 8:13 a.m., speaking of a little one -- >> speaking of born in the car. >> i wasn't going the go there. i was going with little ones tony can help us with that. >> i don't know where she was going. >> i was saying maybe tony was born in the car. >> where does this come from? >> i thought he told me that one time. >> it is time now for the my first 5 photo of the day. >> ah. >> check her out. oh, with a a face. >> eyes how pretty. >> baby blue. >> this is little desi she enjoys water, and playing with her toes who doesn't. >> i would enjoy playing with her toes as well. this little piggy went here that one went there. cute. >> i love how kids love their toes. >> which is interesting because you know, they are just toes but no, they are really floating in space above their
8:14 am
little heads. cute. >> very cute. adorable picture she is really really cute. if you want to send us your child's picture all you need to do is go to click on mornings. all right here is a look at hd radar we continue to track the rain that came through portions of the viewing area off to the east now, approaching the eastern shore that is where we are seeing the heaviest rainfall it already came through, annapolis moving across the bay into eastern maryland you get set over there as you are likely to see heavy rain off to the west rain showers falling across lees burg down into herndon, dale sitly likely to get this shortly. -- city likely to get this shortly. >> pretty impressive rain system moving through the mid- atlantic now coming to us from the great lakes region, midwest ohio valley so we are going to get more of that during the
8:15 am
course of the day this is tropical storm emily, emily has winds blowing 50 miles an hour moving to the west now at 13 miles an hour tropical storm watches and warnings in effect for portions of the caribbean this is the projected path it does take it along the east coast of the united states latter part of the weekend and beginning of next week we will have to keep our eyes on emily right now she is forecast to become a category one hurricane your forecast for the next five days today, periods of showers, thunderstorms some could be strong heavy down force, strong gusty winds, tomorrow 81, sunny friday, 90 very very nice, saturday and sunday, not bad but we will have chance of showers and thunderstorms each of those days that is a look at what is happening with weather now more on this mornings rush hour traffic for that julie wright. >> all right tony problems reported northbound i-95, we are not quite sure what the
8:16 am
incident is we know at least 12 vehicles have been effected if you are travelling northbound i- 95 approaching 32, two left lanes blocked off here see underneath this overpass police are on the scene 12 vehicles have been impacted by whatever has been in the roadway the two left lanes remain closed delays northbound side of i-95 creeping up on you as you travel north of 198 coming southbound all lanes are open outer loop of the belt way, slow leaving new hampshire avenue, headed toward george avenue crash reported 29, colesville road already cleared travelling southbound baltimore washington parkway accident activity 410 you will find delays for that on belt road that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right here is the deal red skins training camp under way at 8:30 a.m. but it is football anybody can do that. let's get to a real challenge. >> the next installment of dave versus dave. >> let's do it.
8:17 am
>> dave fieldman and ross get in touch with their creative sides dave wouldn't have ever thought you were the pottery type but i am wrong. >> yeah, no, alison you got it right i am not the pottery type you nailed that one. because of the lock out we had to come out of alternative methods of dave versus dave this year because we couldn't come out to red skins park early. chris coolly is one of the best tight ends year end and year out in this league when he is not playing football he uses those hands to make pottery something dave and i learned first hand in today 's edition of dave versus dave. >> dave versus dave with chris coolly, 47 all pro tight end last year we took him to the lynx. >> excluded from the competition strict bile between the two of you. >> i have been -- strictly between the two of you >> i have been making pots for
8:18 am
a couple years it takes quite a bit of patience some people pick it up faster than others. i taught myself on youtube. >> wow you like a rain man? >> it is a skill you can acquire. >> show us chris. >> when i show people how to make stuff i usually show them how to make a bowl. this happens fast, i make modifications to them and do what i want to do. >> gas pedal put your foot on the gas pedal and take it off. >> it spins as fast as it can you can't have it too wet there is going to be pressure with both hands a lot of times people don't realize their hands are moving as soon as your hands move the clay is off center i will begin my initial shape of this bowl pulling my finger towards me to widen the bowl i start the move it a little bit vertically. we can push this out as wide as we want or give it whatever shape. >> you look like patrick swayze in ghost. >> patrick messed up the pot.
8:19 am
>> you look like demi moore in ghost. >> should we each try. >> yes, you guys get an even amount here. >> am i right to throw it down chris? >> whoa you need more water now. >> did you see when i centered it. >> does it look centered. >> no, very uneven and choppy. >> this does not look centered. >> no, they are moving all over the place. >> your hands can't move bud. >> how do you keep your hands from moving violently. >> dave two has a chance of winning. >> clean your hands up. >> we are salvaging this pot. >> i got myself a bowl now. >> don't squeeze with your thumbs. >> this is a dang bowl >> i feel like you are going girl now. >> here you go. >> what are you doing. >> like a candle holder dude. >> the leaning tower of pisa.
8:20 am
>> it is a dog bowl man leave it right there. >> look at this. >> chris did a good pot. >> ah,. >> no. >> how did you not foresee that? >> now it is done. >> seeing as i have training camp tomorrow morning 7:30 a.m., you get one attempt. >> in one slow motion we are going to move it up. >> some times you don't want to mess with it too much. >> you win you were better than dave. >> clearly if i was going to teach one of you i would try to teach you. >> yes. >> good job. >> and despite the mud sabotage at the end of the piece there, chris and i patched up our differences and i went ahead and actually made something because of editing time and it takes awhile i had to bring it out here today look what i made. this is what i did and i even got the coolly 47 in there if
8:21 am
you believe that, got some other things i would like to tell you of course i didn't make this. >> i had you alison didn't i. >> is the handle the piece the fell off the top of the bowl you just attach it to the side. >> this is art work you can find in the coolly gallery, lees burg virginia, christy took us on a private tour it is awesome the guy has skills that we clearly do not and it is fair to say i won by default. >> once again feldy pulls the plug on him at that moment. >> if they had joined forces done a little cuddling like ghost. >> i did expect more ghost references. >> all right we got to give that one to ross. coolly fantastic work check out his gallery online as well. >> artistic side. >> coming up here on fox 5 morning news, this wednesday
8:22 am
morning almost a year believe it or not since the rescue of the chilean miners today a look at what life was like for them during their 70 days under ground in video. >> in our next half hour we will check back with holly at our house this morning in brookville maryland learning about bee keeping and harvesting honey how those skills can help abandoned, abused, homeless, orphaned teenaged boys. fox 5 morning news will be right back 
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
a change in policy from prince georges county police officers now banned from working security at house parties after a drowning over the weekend a 22-year-old man died early sunday morning five officers were working the party when emergency responders arrived before 2:00 a.m. the officers were not told of any problems, the rescue crews did look into the crowded pool area and saw no trouble they were called back two hours later when the victim was found dead. >> a look at a new video released of the chilean miners waiting to be rescued one year ago it was filmed by the miners themselves on a small video camera, it shows them receiving supplies, resting and writing letters. others are seen helping clear
8:26 am
rubble and riding some equipment under ground the explosion on august 5th, 2010 trapped 33 miners for 70 days under ground. debt debate may be done the bill signed into law, while congress was busy with that a lot of other issues were ignored. what is next for congress in our next half hour. >> reminder you can save money and get great deals too go to sign up for my half hour deals are guaranteed to save you 50% or more get a 30 day membership for $30 tomorrow we dish out the deal on pizza. back in a moment 8:26 a.m. 
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8:29 am
>> 8:30 a.m. on a wednesday morning let's look at stories making headlines the trial of former
8:30 am
egyptian dictator mubarak is under way in cairo this morning he appeared in the defendant's cage in a hospital bed as the 83-year-old is not in good health a short time ago he said he is not guilty of corruption and murder charges against him. >> obama administration says local communities are best suited to battle the cone of violent extremism that -- kind of violent extremism that drives people to kill. the teenager convicted of shooting several people in the dc sniper case wants to change his name he made the request he says so he wouldn't be attacked while serving at the red onion prison western virginia but a judge denied his motion citing he has never been assaulted or threatened. let's check with tucker barnes with a look at our forecast for wednesday still rain out there or done with it? >> still rain showers getting a break now. maybe severe thunderstorms
8:31 am
later today and big changes after more 90s top out upper 80s. >> a nice change. >> great. >> no, we need the rain. yeah, so this is all good news forecast for a change let's get right to it and show you the local radar, after getting a break we are getting a bit of a break but feel the showers back in here during the course of the day a few left over showers towards red skin park, south and west here dale city, south to 95, towards alexandria and a pretty good batch, earlier this hit us, with some pretty good rains, that is out towards stevensville. hit and miss shower activity and possibility of more thunderstorms filling in during the course of your afternoon. not going to rain every minute our best chance this week, rain showers across the area. let me show you the bigger picture, satellite radar, touching the ground a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and more off to the north and west,
8:32 am
we missed it but more back into chicago and cleveland that is heading our direction with an area of low pressure officially under a slight risk for severe weather later this afternoon once again lookout for the possibility of severe thunderstorms we had one earlier, issued down towards monassis including some crowd to ground lightning gusty winds hail as well later today temperature trend next couple days 80s later this afternoon and here we go a bit of a break temperatures close to where we should be as we get into the weekend highs near 90 your five day forecast, and then we will clear it out thursday and friday looked beautiful and then bring at least the possibility of a thunderstorm back in the forecast by saturday. that is a look at the forecast, back to you at the desk. so a debt deal has been reached the president signed it into law yesterday but a lot of other issues had to take a
8:33 am
backseat. steven dennis from roll call what did not get done. the big one is the faa bill the agency has been basically shut down for the last week or so, and both chambers have said we are leaving town for the next five weeks, 75,000 people out of work people on construction projects, 4,000 faa employees it is not effecting air traffic controllers but you have airport inspector who is are not getting paid and flying around the country on their own nickel waiting for congress to get its work done. it is outrageous and still efforts to try and have some kind of compromise that could maybe be voted unanimously what they call unanimous consent if both chambers to get some resolution to this impasse that kicks it until september really no guarantee they get that done
8:34 am
they have been trying to do something like that, last few days and you have things, like yes, they have this huge deal on the debt but they can't even -- it is sort of like they can't walk and chew gum at the same time this faa thing has been out there for seven years, they have had short term extensions for seven years if that doesn't show you what congress has not been able to do its work that is an example number one there are a lot of other things too, education reform languishing for years, no child left behind, trying to amend that, both parties thing it needs to be significantly changed, pretty good agreement on an outline for that bill, we are going to go another school year without having that done. there is energy, energy is something both parties say hey, we need to really do something about our energy situation they don't necessarily agree on details but could aagree on somethings like natural gas that hasn't even gotten through committee, there are a lot of
8:35 am
other things an appropriation bill, senate has only done one this year if you are a federal government employee and worried about government shut down as of today you probably would not have been getting your pay check now, with this deal, it is sort of like a two year budget that sort of clears the way for maybe having some peace, and not having any shut down show downs every few months there is a good chance because they agreed on spending levels they will agree with agreements on other bills. >> going back to the faa not just workers furloughed but they are not collecting a lot of this tax money it could be hundreds of millions of dollars you would thing with all the fighting just done over money that is one thing they would want to get done. >> it is pretty outrageous when you look at the tax revenue people collect on tickets, $30 million a day going to be a
8:36 am
billion two hundred million this month the dispute they are arguing over are rural airports entire program is $200 million they are talking about cutting $16 million, one day of these ticket revenues more than makes up for it but these rural airports some of them are outrageous the subsidies they get the one in nevada the home state of harry reed one this has only 500 passengers a year you and i and every other tax payer contributing $3,700 per passenger in subsidies, harry reed yesterday said i am willing to give it up it is outrageous but they could not get agreement from all the other senatorboth parties over this and there is a bigger fight it is over union rights, how sit going to be to unionize airline workers, railroad workers obama administration is moving regulation to make it easier for unions, stuff that can't get through congress
8:37 am
especially the house of representatives, trying to roll that back. and that sort of is the broader fight you are seeing, in this new divided government town which some times it gets things done a lot of times they are going to have this. >> they will offer congress to work on even if they are quote unquote off now. we will see what they pick up when they come back. >> great to be here. >> good to have you alison back to you. >> 8:37 a.m. 80 degrees on this wednesday morning one lawmaker apologizing to the president for using a racially intensity word while talking about the debt debate more on that when we come back  when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast, i could use all the help i can get. like nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread
8:38 am
that's perfect on multigrain toast, even whole-wheat waffles, for a breakfast that my kids love and i feel good about serving. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa. it's quick, easy and something everyone can agree on. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good.
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if you are looking for work don't forget to check out our job shop u.s. marine corp. is looking for a civilian statistician it is in quantico pay between 60 and $70,000 a year. colorado congressman apologizing for comments he made about bama he talked about
8:41 am
the economy and debt debate he said quote they will hold the republican responsible now i don't want to have to be associated with him it is like touching a tar baby and you get it you are stuck he said his comment was insensitive and should have used quagmire instead of tar baby. >> we are getting a lesson in saving money back to school shopping holly good morning. >> you know what i am doing? it is none of your bees wax it is all about bees wax we are live this morning at our house in brookville maryland and we are learning how to harvest honey but what they are really harvesting here is future for young at risk boys. live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
wow it is ringing the school bell already about a month to go before students are back to school, a couple weeks in some cases. help parents save money, maryland and virginia they have
8:45 am
announced savings of sales tax between august 14th and 20th virginia the tax free holiday runs from friday through sunday, shoppers will not have to pay taxes on school supplies costing less than $20 or clothes or shoes less than $100. i thought you said you did your shopping you are searching those states on your paper >> i did forget in my haste. >> as long as you got it done as you would know there is no shortage of these supplies. >> no, steve joins us live you say this is the perfect time for a lesson in smart shopping. >> yeah, apparently you have jumped the gun already done alris ridiculous. >> yeah, there is no reason to pay full price for back to school stuff it is like buying ketchup in july for a summer picnic there is always a deal on it somewhere here are deals we found for you this morning. this one $120 backpack at
8:46 am, $40 free shipping not bad. all right. let's talk about combining fun and education for back to school, they are giving away xbox 360 the 4 gig model when you buy a qualifying windows 7 pc log on to go on with your valid e-mail address from a university, get the promo code you get a free xbox here is my advice if you are a mom and dad go on buy the computer hide the xbox until christmas, kill two birds with one stone free christmas gifts you are done. >> here is the bottom line a lot of websites like offers are focusing on back to school this time of year because it is an interesting thing while there is a lot of demand for product there is a lot of supply as well when those two things meet there are lots of bargains to be had. >> i like where you are coming from, i like that thinking. >> what about the younger kids just looking for the basic school supplies not the fancy
8:47 am
xboxs and computers? >> yeah, all right here is the deal in my house maybe in yours as well, as organized as i am we have that drawer you know the one in the kitchen where all the old pens pencils papers, pads, post its go to sit and die until you realize maybe you need something one day. back to school saving really starts with taking inventory at home. go into the drawers see what you have already i know that you know cracking open the fresh glue stick on the first day of school is great but if you have six glue sticks already open why are you buying a seventh. check out swap this is a website dedicated to people giving away stuff for free if you have some sort of extra stuff swap it out for stuff you need instead of extra stuff you don't need because you already have too much of it. swap mamas not only will you find back to school stuff but also everything from home decorating to electronics. >> now i am really interested
8:48 am
in this one steve before we let you go you can get an ivy league education without paying tuition? >> yeah full disclosure freshman year of college i took aelectron my 101 tuesday and thursday, 8:00 a.m., dark room i slept the entire semester didn't learn anything now i can make back that money with itunes u ready? access it on your ipad or any device that will give you itunes access it is 350,000 ivy league lest lectures, lessons, labs, museum tours all kinds of amazing lessons for you for free you can download on to your computer we are talking about yale mit oxford, uc berkeley if your kid is going back to school they need extra help check out itunes u first or if you yourself want to expand your education check it out, it is for free.
8:49 am
>> i want to go on too. >> thank you so much. >> much appreciated, holly has a lesson as well, a lesson if bee keeping and harvesting honey. >> life lesson no doubt. she joins us live from our house brookville maryland good morning. >> good morning it is a fascinating process you know, we were down at the hives earlier we have these honeycombs with us, you would be amazed if you could hold this in your hand you wouldn't believe how heavy these are chalk full of honey. ed how much do these weigh when they are chalk full of honey? >> three pounds >> i didn't expect that i thought they would be a lot lighter. >> look at that. >> this is 2 pounds. >> wow that is amazing. so now okay where do we stand in the process? what are we going to do now? >> nick is going to cut off the wax cap on each one of those
8:50 am
cells, and then he is going to transfer it over eric will put it into the separator device. >> that is a really hot knife. >> it is. >> right. >> so you know what is amazing to me about this process, is how rudimentary it is how basic. there is no high tech, really just a lot of labor. >> that's right >> it works here at our house because our house is a labor, a labor of love that is where benny comes in he is richard bienvenue the director, everyone lovingly calls him benny we do a lot of programs for at risk youth but this is different it is all inclusive explain what that means. >> yep, the guys live here for a year to a year and a half during the daytime they do construction trade and then we have high school classes at night time so everything is done right here they will -- most of the work we do, is for
8:51 am
other charities off campus most of the construction work. >> so people get it we are talking about the fact they get an actual skill to go out into the real world and make an income. >> they do. >> academic skills they have the brain power to do what they need to do. >> right. >> but get the social skills. >> they do. >> how does that work. >> most of the time they are out interacting in the community yesterday was national night out and they went up in the morning set all the tents up came back later on and took them down last week we went to montgomery general hospital and spent 13 hours there, during their barbecue and picnic helping, in the food tent they are always interacting. >> they are learning about processes in their entirety like the bee keeping we are doing here this morning i want to check with nick he is one of the residents nick tell me a little bit about the work that you do in terms to have bees. >> um -- >> you have to care for the bees. >> yeah, we have to feed them, at the beginning around spring
8:52 am
and fall we go about once a week putting like feed of sugar water in and then we have to -- in mid-summer we have to put supers and i think it is called queen extraordinary something. >> mm-hmm yeah. >> fancy bee keeping name stuff. >> yeah. to keep the queen from coming up and laying eggs in the honey. >> then the whole point is not to cut you off you care for the bees so you are nurturing them but learning about the honey making process you harvest the honey and bottle it and take it to sell it. >> yes, ma'am. >> and then they divy up the money the guys that work. >> that is their graduation account. >> what has this place meant for you nick in the time you have been here. >> it has given me a lot of good skills, like wood working carpentry, skills that i don't thing i could have done by
8:53 am
myself. >> yeah. >> or learned and it's given me like a new way of thinking at life instead of doing it in a very bad way >> you can't say it any better than that i wish you all the luck in the world i see great things for you in your future. >> thank you >> do you thing i can have a little bit of honey in my future. you know people you can hook me up. >> mm-hmm. >> we have a link to our house coming up in our next hour they have a big open house you can come out and be a part of we will tell you about that and finish up the honey process is there a tasting involved at some point? >> a little bit. >> hint hint hint back to you all in studio. >> stick around holly that is quite the the endeavor. >> huge on the soccer field now here with us a local soccer star shining on the world stage. >> prince william's own alley who played a big role in the
8:54 am
run of the world cup. important information your own young athlete can benefit from
8:55 am
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8:57 am
extra special good morning to our facebook fan of the day. today it is larry king this is a photo of larry lifting up his daughter at the pool in haggerstown maryland. >> if you would like to be fan of the day tomorrow, search fox 5 morning newpost a comment under larry's photo. >> latest update on the white house party crashers due back in court today in louden county facing a lawsuit from a woman
8:58 am
who claims she paid them for a wine tour but that the couple did not follow threw on that agreement the woman was not refunded any money. now, as for their qwest for celebrity stardom they reportedly closing a deal to appear on dancing with the stars in australia apparently they are hugely popular down under. we will hear more about it when we check with tmz next hour. >> let's turn things over to tony and alison. guys, good morning. huge on dancing with the stars in australia >> they should move to australia. i think that would be great. thanks steve so much here is a look at some other stories we are following if you fly occasionally you know getting through airport security can be a challenge a new procedure being tested at a major airport here in the u.s. not based on any new technology but a simple conversation details about how this works and where this test is taking place. >> red skins training camp
8:59 am
continues this morning still a lot of question marks about who is going to play at what position and all of that, dave ross live at camp he has figured out that a graham will likely be our kicker. dave ross joins us later with details. >> she is a world class soccer player one of the star's of this year's u.s. women's team now she is talking about a sport health issue that effects athletes of all ages she will join us live in


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